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F1 Hoverpod Racing

The Official Website which can be found by clicking the link below. The site is designed to be informative and has some video footage for your entertainment. We always encourage interactive dialog with interested parties and you are welcome to send your comments to us.



The photos and videos, which were taken at Pyramid Lake in Nevada USA and were provided for testing and research purposes only. They do, however, provide a working template and the final design has been kept confidential at this stage.


 Sneak Preview Photos

There has been much speculation in regards to the power sorce of the "ManxGT" and F1 Hoverpod Craft. Below is Button with sufficient information relating to the design of the engine.


Engine Design

As the F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Team work with several Design Studios, we have selected some of the potential future proposed ideas for which we appreciate your comments and interest. Be patient as the PDF file takes a few moments to download.


Potential Future Projects

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