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Welcome to the home of Hoverpod racing. 

At last, the time is drawing ever closer to launch day and not with one new Craft but with two new models to be offered.

The season is about to start and with such interest in the Business from far and wide, the whole team would like to send a huge thank you for all the encouragement and kind support shown by all, for this project.

Progress has always been on the basis that quality is something we will never compromise upon. Our design Partners have always considered safety as the key element and reliability as essential and as a combination, are the foundations on which a Hoverpod should be designed.This provides the Hoverpod with class leading safety features as well as engineering standards that exceed the requirements provided by Lloyds of London.

The Manx GT has an all new four stroke engine which has been designed specifically with marine use in mind, and as such uses the very latest in technology to meet all the regulations for environmental sound levels, as well as emissions. By employing the most stringent inspection methods to be found anywhere in the industry, along with the latest technology methods for research and development. The 85bhp engine has been modified exclusively for the use in the Manx GT Hoverpod. 

The F1 Hoverpod model, of which we are aware the spy cameras are all seeking to catch a glimpse of, will be launched some time afterwards. It was designed with the race market in mind and comes complete with a four stoke 110bhp engine as standard and the ability to be modified to produce 160bhp* for the real speed king.

F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd has proposed to start the development of a R & D center and develop production methods soon, the factory is expected to be based in Wales. The plant and tooling will be in place to build the Manx GT incorporating the latest method in Digital Design Technology and 3D CAD. All customers will be encouraged to visit the factory to view their craft in production.

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Manx GT

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F1 HoverPod

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* Always refer to manufacturer's recommendations as modifications may effect the warranty

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