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F1 Hoverpod Ltd was conceived in order to bring both fun and excitement, for all age groups who have an interest in sporting activities with a racing pedigree.

F1 Hoverpod Racing Ltd was designed to bring Club activities and fun to the world of Hoverpod Racing. At long last, the opportunity arises, to Race, a high powered machine without all the millions of dollars normally associated with Racing events.

F1 Hoverpod Racing provides the vehicle, the equipment, the Insurance, the Club and the Race. We also provide facilities for spectators, family and friends to watch the event in comfort. All of this means you no longer need to invest in a Hoverpod for occasional use and simply enjoy the fun of powering the latest Craft, at high speed, in a safe and secure environment.

F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd has a specific role within the Group and whilst co-operating with the group fully, it does have a defined purpose of supplying the Craft for the Clubs.

F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd has it's own Partners and Investors who support the program fully.

The design and specification team to whom F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd chose to Partner with, were chosen for their instant global recognition and expertise within the vehicle design industry.

The techniques and skills these Partners employ, are of the latest technological methods available today and the result is a Craft which exceeds all standards presently laid down for environmental and safety rules.


F1 Hoverpod Merchandise Ltd was conceived to supply all Clubs, with a consistent range of quality Merchandise in which to show the support for not only your Club but the Global concept.

Products will be available online or through visiting your local Club. Products range from exclusive wet suits and safety helmets, to all weather jackets and hats. 

If you simply wish to keep your keys together on a F1 Hoverpod Racing key ring, we can provide this for you along with a box of candy, if you wish.

Many of the products in the range were designed with the perfect gift, or present in mind. As such we are able to deliver the product to the recipient fully gift wrapped if you prefer.

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